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How to submit questions or homework problems:

If you have questions in a Word document, text file, or Excel workbook, please attach the file(s) and send to tim@seagator.comThe form below accepts text only.  Any non-text symbols pasted into the boxes will be transferred to me as blanks.  If you send work as an e-mail attachment, please also fill out the form below or include in your e-mail the information about software allowed and the title/author of the text you are using in your class.

Send e-mail attachment(s) to or use the form below to submit your question (text only, no symbols).

  1. Submit your questions or homework problem(s).  I will respond with a price based on a rate of $60/hr (1 hour minimum). 
  2. If you agree to the price, you make a secure online payment with PayPal.
  3. I e-mail complete solutions showing all calculations with detailed explanations.

I guarantee my work.  Your money will be refunded if you are not fully satisfied for any reason.

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